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   * At step3, add \\   * At step3, add \\
-    --G "MSYS Makefiles"​ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="​c:​\\Program Files\\Avidemux 2.6 - 64 bits""​ +    --G "MSYS Makefiles"​ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="​c:​/Program Files/Avidemux 2.6 - 64 bits""​ 
-Note that there are *two* "​\" ​as separator+Note that the path separator ​are "/"​ and not "​\"​!
 {{:​build:​sdk_netbeans_cmake_option.png?​200|}} {{:​build:​sdk_netbeans_cmake_option.png?​200|}}
 You can build the sample now. You can build the sample now.
 +In case you made a mistake, dont forget to delete the CMakeCache.txt file before retrying
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