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-====== ffv1rec ====== 
-ffv1rec is an modified (or forked) copy of NuppelVideo that uses the same container as nuppelrec. It can be used to capture video in a variety of formats (including MJPEG and HuffYUV). The video will sync perfectly and will be saved into the NuppelVideo container. 
-===== History ===== 
-It used the [[http://​​|GATOS]] driver interface to capture, plus [[http://​​wiki/​YUV_4:​2:​2|YUV 4:2:2]] to [[http://​​wiki/​YUV_4:​2:​0|YUV ​ 4:2:0P]] colorspace conversion. It worked nicely but the size/​quality ratio was not that good. The original settings for nuppelrec: 
-  * Using nuppel: sync perfect, size huge but stuck with RTjpeg format 
-  * Using AVI: could use other codecs but there would be sync problems 
-The original code was modified from the [[http://​​gatos/​|Nuppel GATOS]] to encode video using the [[http://​​wiki/​Xvid|Xvid]] codec in interlaced mode. Since then, it has gone through changes, a lot of problems and re-writing, and help from the [[http://​​|FFmpeg]] project. ​ 
-===== Main differences to nuppelrec ===== 
-  * Switch from multi process to multi threads. 
-  * You can specify audio frequency, like 48000 for DVD conversion later using the **-b** switch. 
-  * You can store your settings in $HOME/​.ffv1recrc (Configuration & Settings section). 
-  * You can select the video codec using the **-C** switch. Recommended:​ Xvid or [[http://​​wiki/​HuffYUV|HuffYUV]]. 
-  * You can select the motion search using the **-M** x switch. Recommended:​ 0 or 1. 
-  * You can select the quantizer using the **-q** x switch. Recommended:​ 5. 
-  * You can select the distance between keyframes using the -d x switch. Recommended:​ 200. 
-===== Xvid version ===== 
-From Avidemux 2.0.22 and on, partial support for Xvid 1.x has been added to ffv1rec, but you must build Avidemux first (or at least the ./​configure) before trying to build ffv1rec. 
-===== How to build ffv1rec ===== 
-ffv1rec can be very easily compiled from either the download source files or the SVN source files. Where you extract the source download (or download the SVN files), there is a directory called '​addons'​. You need to move to that directory with the console prompt. You will not need to do a '​./​configure',​ a simple '​make'​ will be enough to build the program. You will end up with a '​ffv1rec'​ executable file. 
-===== Configuration & settings ===== 
-The file .ffv1recrc in your home directory is where your ffv1rec settings are stored. These can be overloaded with command line. 
-The syntax is  
-  * **#** for comments 
-  * **opt** is the same as -opt when on command line 
-  * **opt=val** is the same as -opt val when on command line 
-Here is an example of an .ffv1recrc file:  
-  C=XVID 
-  q=4 
-  M=1 
-  d=200 
-  S=1 
-  b=48000 
-  s 
-  W=768 
-  H=576 
-  x=200 
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