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-====== Video filter KernelDeint ====== 
-This filter is a port of [[http://​​|Donald Graft]] KernelDeint (Avisynth). It is very efficient. ​ 
-  * **Field order** 
-    * This parameter defines the field order of the clip. 
-  * **Threshold** 
-    * This parameter defines the "​motion"​ thresold. Moving areas are kernel-deinterlaced while non-moving areas are passed through. Use the map parameter to tweak the threshold parameter so that just the combed areas of the frame are deinterlaced. 
-  * **Sharp** 
-    * This parameter, when set, selects a kernel that provides better vertical resolution and performs some sharpening of the video. For less sharpening but also less vertical resolution, set this parameter to false. 
-  * **Two way** 
-    * Selects a kernel that includes both the previous and the following fields for deinterlacing,​ otherwise the kernel includes only the previous field. The latter one-way kernel is faster, crisper, and gives less blending (this last advantage makes the filter perform better on anime). The Two way parameter is included in case users want to achieve the behavior of previous KernelDeint versions. 
-  * **Map** 
-    * Shows the areas that are "​moving"​ as determined by the threshold parameter and which will be kernel-deinterlaced. Use this parameter to assist in tweaking the threshold parameter. 
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