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 Filters are split into several categories: Filters are split into several categories:
-===== Meta filters ===== 
-A meta filter is a group or modification of other filters. Here are some of them: 
-==== VCD/​SVCD/​DVD res ==== 
-These meta-filters automatically resize the video into the correct size to be compatible with VCD/​DVD/​SVCD. They internally use [[Video filter Add black borders|Add black borders]] and [[Video filter Resize|Resize]]. 
-==== Partial ==== 
-This meta filter alters another filter so that it only applies on a part of the video. For example, you may want to deinterlace only a part of the video. To do so, create a [[Video filter Deinterlace|Deinterlace]] filter, select it and press the Partial button. Enter the start/end frame. 
 ===== Transformation ===== ===== Transformation =====
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