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 +====== Audio decoders ======
 +The following table shows which input audio formats Avidemux supports. If the information in the "​Decoder"​ section says "​built-in",​ it means a decoder for the format is included in the Avidemux source code and you have nothing to install. If the decoder is not built-in, Avidemux can optionally use an external decoder for the format, if it was compiled with support for it.
 +^Format ​          ​^Decoder ​           ^
 +|MP3, MP2         ​|libmad ​            |
 +|A52 aka AC3      |liba52 (built-in) ​ |
 +|DTS aka DCA      |libdca ​            |
 +|Vorbis ​          ​|libvorbis ​         |
 +|AMR Narrow Band  |? (built-in) ​      |
 +|AAC              |FAAD               |
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