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 +====== Video encoders ======
 +The following table lists video encoders supported by Avidemux. If the "​Built-in"​ column says Yes, it means a copy of the encoder is included in the Avidemux source code and you have nothing to install. If it says No, Avidemux has to be compiled with support for that encoder (which must be installed on your system). Please note that Avidemux builds for Microsoft Windows usually come bundled with the optional, external encoders (such as x264 or Xvid), too, so you don't have to install them separately.
 +^Encoder ​                       ^Built-in ​ ^
 +|libavcodec MPEG-1 (VCD)        |Yes       |
 +|libavcodec MPEG-2 (DVD, SVCD)  |Yes       |
 +|mpeg2enc MPEG-2 (DVD, SVCD)    |Yes       |
 +|libavcodec FFHuffYUV ​          ​|Yes ​      |
 +|libavcodec FFV1                |Yes       |
 +|libavcodec H.263               ​|Yes ​      |
 +|libavcodec H.263+ ​             |Yes       |
 +|libavcodec HuffYUV ​            ​|Yes ​      |
 +|libavcodec MJPEG               ​|Yes ​      |
 +|libavcodec MPEG-4 ​             |Yes       |
 +|libavcodec Snow                |Yes       |
 +|x264                           ​|No ​       |
 +|Xvid                           ​|No ​       |
 +|Y800                           ​|No ​       |
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