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I-Frame, full name Intra frame, also called keyframe. I-frames are a type of frame in video that have no reference frame and can be decoded on their own. They are independent of other video frames, being whole and complete on their own. They can be thought of as a pure image, such an as JPEG or PNG.

Practical use

I-frames are used for various video processes because they stand alone independently from other video. In particular, they are very useful for Video Copy mode. Editing, copying, appending, and other processes are often best started on an I-frame. You do not have to start edits on Intra frames, but you will not be able to use Video Copy mode sometimes if you do not avoid using them.

To navigate using I-Frames, you should use the « and » buttons. These will move to only I-frames, and are useful for marking [A,B) selections in the video.

See also

B-frames(nbsp)(ndash) a discussion of B-frames and their role in digital video.

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