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Compiling Xvid from CVS

The latest development files for the Xvid codec are available for use from their CVS repository. This is a guide to downloading and installing their libraries. After completing the download and compilation you will have to recompile Avidemux. There is a guide available on how to compile Avidemux.

If packages become available for this program and libraries, feel free to edit this page to include instructions on how to use them.

Download Xvid

With the console, move to a directory where you want to download the files. Run this command line from the root console (with either su or sudo).

cvs co xvidcore

Removing old Xvid

If you have installed a development package of Xvid onto your system at any time, you should remove this before installing the CVS version. They may conflict or one might not be detected properly. To remove the files, you should use your distribution specific method of package or source removal.

Compile and install

Move to the directory where have downloaded the files. Run these command line from the root console (with either su or sudo).

cd xvidcore/build/generic

(Specify where Xvid should be installed using the --prefix=??? option. This is only relevant if you are replacing a previously installed Xvid codec installation. You can usually find out by running the command 'locate'.)

make install

That finishes the install of Xvid from CVS onto your system.

Recompiling Avidemux

After you have downloaded and installed Xvid from source, then you need to recompile Avidemux with the new Xvid libraries. Check out the Compiling Avidemux article.

Confirming the Xvid version

Open a console and type the command to start avidemux (usually 'avidemux2'). The console should print out various information before starting the Avidemux program. The printout should look like this:

  3 encoder registered
Initializing global xvid 4
        xvid build:xvid-1.2.0-dev

The version number for the Xvid that Avidemux is using will printout there. This can be used to very that you have. If you are trying to make use of Multithreading in Xvid within Avidemux, you need to have version 1.2 or later.

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