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ffv1rec is an modified (or forked) copy of NuppelVideo that uses the same container as nuppelrec. It can be used to capture video in a variety of formats (including MJPEG and HuffYUV). The video will sync perfectly and will be saved into the NuppelVideo container.


It used the GATOS driver interface to capture, plus YUV 4:2:2 to YUV 4:2:0P colorspace conversion. It worked nicely but the size/quality ratio was not that good. The original settings for nuppelrec:

  • Using nuppel: sync perfect, size huge but stuck with RTjpeg format
  • Using AVI: could use other codecs but there would be sync problems

The original code was modified from Nuppel GATOS to encode video using the Xvid codec in interlaced mode. Since then, it has gone through changes, a lot of problems and re-writing, and help from the FFmpeg project.

Main differences to nuppelrec

  • Switch from multi process to multi threads.
  • You can specify audio frequency, like 48000 for DVD conversion later using the -b switch.
  • You can store your settings in $HOME/.ffv1recrc (Configuration & Settings section).
  • You can select the video codec using the -C switch. Recommended: Xvid or HuffYUV.
  • You can select the motion search using the -M x switch. Recommended: 0 or 1.
  • You can select the quantizer using the -q x switch. Recommended: 5.
  • You can select the distance between keyframes using the -d x switch. Recommended: 200.

Xvid version

From Avidemux 2.0.22 and on, partial support for Xvid 1.x has been added to ffv1rec, but you must build Avidemux first (or at least the ./configure) before trying to build ffv1rec.

How to build ffv1rec

ffv1rec can be very easily compiled from either the download source files or the SVN source files. Where you extract the source download (or download the SVN files), there is a directory called 'addons'. You need to move to that directory with the console prompt. You will not need to do a './configure', a simple 'make' will be enough to build the program. You will end up with a 'ffv1rec' executable file.

Configuration & settings

The file .ffv1recrc in your home directory is where your ffv1rec settings are stored. These can be overloaded with command line.

The syntax is

  • # for comments
  • opt is the same as -opt when on command line
  • opt=val is the same as -opt val when on command line

Here is an example of an .ffv1recrc file:

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