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The joblist is a feature in Avidemux which allows you to queue multiple projects (also known as jobs) for processing later or in bulk.

Add to the joblist

To add to the joblist, prepare a video or project for saving. Use the menu “File→Add to Joblist…”

Show the joblist

To show the joblist, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J. You can also access it through the menus with “File→Show Joblist”

Items in the job list display the .js extension because they are actually ECMAScript/JavaScript project files. This display will not affect the filename of your output files.

Run the joblist

When you have added jobs to the list, first you need to open the joblist. See the previous section. Then click the Run All Jobs button to run every job in the list. Or you can run a specific job you have selected by clicking on the Run Job button.

Clear the joblist

To clear the joblist, first you need to open it. See the Show the joblist section. Then select the job you want to delete and click the Delete Job button. To delete all jobs in the list, click the Delete All Jobs button.

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